Autoritratto Vivente

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A Graduate in Natural Science, he would attend several painting classes at
the Accademia Belle Arti of the University of Bologna.
He started painting from a very young age, participating in a figurative
arts contest in 1962.
1966 I° Exhibition in Ancona, Italy. Paintings in tempera manually removed.
1967 II° Exhibition. Series of paintings produced using different techniques
such as creasing and wrinkling using hands, objects and acids.
1968-70 Series of written paintings. Conceptual paintings-Poetry-paintings.
1970 - 1980 Series of paintings made using computer graphics.
1987 He founds an art current called EVOLUZIONISM.
“Paintings have always been considered as motionless objects that
deteriorate with time. Instead, Comin wants to consider paintings as living
objects which appear static, as if only sleeping. That is why he tries to
make them evolve and duplicate like cells. His paintings adapt themselves to
every different environment they deal with. In this way they can conquer
different spaces such as floors, corners, edges or ceilings.” - M. Morales,
art dealer-.

1999 Studies of living paintings. The intention is to free paintings from
the inorganic world by making them evolve and interact with people and
spaces. First painting with Bacteria.
2000 Second Painting with Bacteria. "Exalting bacteria" consists of one
of the artist`s old paintings, now signed on the back where it is easier to
notice the work of bacteria without interference from the colours on the
front.Studies concerning the use of Stem Cells and the DNA cloning process.
2000 – 2006 Figurative paintings with bacteria. (Colors and pictures are
used to take the spectators`s mind off the bacteria`s presence).
Series Salviamo i batteri !!!! (Save bacteria!!!) and Series Sterminio 13.245 (Massacre 13.245). In these series the artist seeks to attract attention to the invisible living creatures that we destroy every day.

2006 Exhibition NUOVO EVOLUZIONISMO. (New evoluzionism)
(Bacteria sale – Don’t touch: bacteria) Series of transparent acrylic boxes of various shapes and sizes with bacteria, colours and different materials inside. “People have to understand that there is something living in my art and so they must have affection for
them and take care of it. GOLD FACTORY- Painting with auriferous bacteria producing gold.
2007 Project: Create living art works using bacteria only. They will
reproduce and feed themselves. They will be clever and they will give
affection just like pets”.