Pietro Uguagliati was born in Padua on November 26, 1945. He lives and works in Padua. He approached painting as
a self-taught painter, tending towards the modern figurative style, realized with such techniques as: oil, charcoal and
china. He held and took part in several personal and collective exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad. Among the most
recent ones we mention: personal exhibitions in Venice, Padua, Belluno, Bologna; and abroad in Brunnen and Zurich in
Switzerland. Exhibi-tion of Garibaldi's Centenary;Meeting "Amici dell'Arte e del Pattino"; 1986 - "Confronti".Villa Contarini
Simes; 1987 - personal exhibition at "Villa Valmarana"; 1988 - "Confronti". Villa Contarini . Among the collective ones and
the competitions we recall those held in Venice, Padua, Sottomarina, Polpet and the International Kunst in Switzerland.
He took part in several reviews, winning prizes and recognitions: Nomination for Academician of the Tiber and Member
of the Union Legion d'Oro; Certificate of Esteem from the North West University London; Diploma of Esteem from the
Mayor of the City of Ponte San Nicolo; Participation to the 2nd Edition of the International Jubilee of Peace..